What's your personal AF stroke risk?

At 40, we all have a one in four chance of developing AF. Having AF means that you are five times more likely to suffer from a stroke than someone without AF. Individual risk of stroke, however, will be determined by several contributory factors.

If you’ve been diagnosed with AF please use this calculator to work out a personal estimate of your stroke risk. The tool collects vital information on your health and provides a print out of information that you and your doctor will be able to use when assessing the potential need for treatment to reduce your risk of stroke because of AF.

This calculator is primarily based upon the most recent authoritative guidelines that were published in Europe in 2010. In the US, many practitioners refer to the most recently published US guidelines, from 2006. For this reason, the results of your risk calculation will be accompanied by guidance for both the US and Europe.

Calculate your stroke risk

This tool was developed by the Atrial Fibrillation Association (AFA) and AntiCoagulation Europe (ACE), both of which are charities engaged in patient advocacy, support and education. The development of this tool was by an unrestricted grant provided to the AFA and ACE by Bayer Healthcare.